Bi-Tapp is a resource being used by students

There are many contributing factors that impact a student’s ability to effectively learn. School districts have developed new programs and hired more professionals to address the needs of the students.

Despite these efforts, teachers are still the ones carrying the majority of the load. In addition to their many other responsibilities, they are the ones who initially try to manage the situation when a student has become disruptive. They are often the first to help a student calm down after they have been triggered. It is not unusual to have several students struggle to focus on an assignment. Many students struggle with anxiety.

Active learning stops when we are anxious or upset

The majority of teachers report that if the disruption or distraction is mild, they can typically manage that situation. However, if the situation continues to escalate, learning often stops for the entire classroom. In those moments, a teacher is no longer teaching but is managing a situation.

Bi-Tapp is a calming resource

The majority of students have been taught skills to help them manage their big emotions in healthy ways. However, the more upset a student is, the less likely they are to remember to use the skills they have been taught.

Many schools are utilizing Bi-Tapp as a reliable resource for their students to access in moments of heightened stress and anxiety. One set of tappers can be utilized hundreds of times throughout the school year by many different students. An elementary teacher of 18 years stated, “Even I have used the tappers myself on the days I can tell my anxiety is higher than normal.”

Bi-Tapp is a cost effective resource that is being used by students of all ages from K-12. Students using the tappers have shown progress in the following areas:

  • Regulate emotions
  • Improve Focus
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve mindfulness skills

Eric Bonnett, LCSW, School Social Worker and Katherine Bleak, Wellness Room Coordinator at North Elementary in Cedar City, Utah

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Eric Bonnett, LCSW, School Social Worker for two elementary schools in Cedar City, Utah.

As a School Social Worker, what is your primary focus with students?

“I help children who struggle with behaviors that interfere with their ability to learn. I am a therapist and I teach skill building in groups and in classrooms. We also teach ‘Zones of Regulation’, ‘Restorative Circles’, yoga, empathy and mindfulness skills.”

Why did you choose to try the tappers out with your students?

“While working with youth in a residential treatment program, I became trained in EMDR therapy. I saw firsthand how using bilateral tapping as a resource could help someone regulate their emotions. Bilateral stimulation helps calm down the stress center of our brain.

I introduced Bi-Tapp into both of the schools I work at. We use the Bluetooth tappers in our Wellness Centers and during our reading groups. Many of our general classrooms and our special education classrooms have their own set of tappers.”

How did you introduce the tappers to the students?

“When you first introduce the tappers to the students, there is a novelty about it. The students learn quickly what the tappers are and how they can be a resource for them. Once students realize that they have a tool that can help them calm down quickly or help them focus, they will often ask for the tappers when they need them.

In the classrooms, the teachers help their students use the tappers when they need help focusing on an their school work or calming down.

In the Wellness Centers, we let the tappers be checked out if there is a class taking a test and multiple students need to use the tappers to help them focus during the test. The tappers are a known resource in our schools, so the students can ask for them when they need them.”

How do you know the students?

“I can share an example. We had a couple of students struggling to complete one or two sheets of work and staying on task for more than 5 minutes. After setting them up with the tappers, they were able to work for 20 minutes straight and stay focused.”

How did you find the funding for the tappers?

“Our School District provided funds to buy 15 Bi-Tapp kits. These were divided between East and North elementary schools in Cedar City, Utah. We were having so much success with them, that I reached out to our community. Safari Hospitality gave a generous donation that allowed us to purchase 27 more kits to use as a resource for our students.”

To learn more about how students are using Bi-Tapp as a resource, go to

Daniel, age 12 shares how he uses the tappers to help him focus and regulate his emotions at school. His science fair project focused on the tappers.

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