Bilateral stimulation is an effective resource to decrease anxiety and stress and improve our overall functioning

Have you ever gone for a walk or a bike ride when you are stressed and within a relatively short amount of time, you begin to feel calmer and experience clearer thinking?  Engaging in bilateral stimulation is one of the main reasons you are feeling calmer. Bilateral stimulation can be done in a variety of ways, such as; jogging, swimming, drumming, bilateral tapping, listening to bilateral tones or bilateral music.

Bilateral stimulation is used in conjunction with EMDR therapy, it also can serve as a stand alone resource to help reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve our overall level of functioning. We are very excited about Bi-Tapp because the tappers do the tapping for you, which gives you the opportunity to use your tappers while you go about your day. (you can use your tappers while you interact with others, whether that be with your children, in the work setting, at school, in social settings, flying in an airplane, etc) The bilateral tapping sensation is calming to the brain, allowing you to feel less stressed, less anxious and experience clearer thinking.

Although manual bilateral tapping is effective, (for example, you can tap with your hands back and forth on your thighs) it is difficult to do  on your own in certain situations such as, trying to take a test or trying to fall asleep. In addition, sometimes age, medical conditions or disabilities make it difficult to do manual bilateral tapping on your own. So, we created Bi-Tapp to do the tapping for you, anytime, anywhere.

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Our company was founded in 2017. We created Bluetooth tappers to empower people of all ages to have access to a resource that can be used anytime and anywhere to reduce stress and anxiety. Sleep better. Function better. Focus better. Feel better.