Stress / Anxiety

When levels rise

We live in a world where stress is part of our daily life. How do we maintain a calm state of mind in situations that are overwhelming, difficult and stretch us to our limit?

We are in need of an effective solution that anyone can implement anywhere, at anytime and experience immediate results.


Your state of mind

Bi-Tapp (Bilateral Tapping) accesses our natural ability to calm our nervous system down and is one of the easiest ways to assist us in returning to our optimal level of functioning.

Bi-Tapp incorporates an understanding of how our brain works in moments of heightened stress and anxiety.


Maintain your brain

With the bilateral tapping sensation placed on each side of your body, you begin to calm down and take thoughtful action rather than automatically revert to your habituated stress patterns for relief.

Bi-Tapp creates a tapping sensation in an alternating, rhythmic pattern.

Bilateral Tapping

With Bi-Tapp, you can literally, tap your way to a better you.

Gaining a working understanding of when you are in your window of tolerance or not is a key component to your emotional health and improving your overall level of functioning. When we are stressed, anxious, in chronic pain or not getting enough sleep, we have a tendency to be more reactionary and become more easily upset. It is to our advantage to access resources, such as Bi-Tapp, to help us calm down so we can return to our best self.

In moments of heightened stress, our brain cannot initially discern if we are in danger or just feeling overwhelmed.  Because the brain cannot initially discern the situation, it sends a quick release of stress hormones to help us deal with the emergency. We need this process to happen when there truly is a crisis, (we need to react without thinking) but when there is no crisis, this process interferes with our ability to function at our optimal level. When this process happens over and over again, we develop unhealthy, habituated stress patterns in an effort to seek relief. Our physical, emotional and mental health are negatively impacted and oftentimes, our relationships suffer because of this repeated cycle. It is to our advantage to access resources to help our nervous system calm down so that our best self can return to the driver's seat.

Most people find bilateral tapping relaxing and calming. If the rate of speed or the intensity of the tapping proves to be irritating or distracting, try a slower rate of speed and/or less intensity. You do not need a fast rate of speed or a high level of intensity to enjoy the benefits of Bi-Tapp. Stop using this product if you have tried different settings and are not feeling calmer. 

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Our company was founded in 2017. We created Bluetooth tappers to empower people of all ages to have access to a resource that can be used anytime and anywhere to reduce stress and anxiety. Sleep better. Function better. Focus better. Feel better.

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