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Anyone who struggles with feeling anxious and/or stressed on a consistent basis knows that it can be exhausting. When we have anxious, worried thoughts that persist, it begins to take a toll on us mentally, emotionally and physically. We often have less patience in our relationships, our productivity goes down and we often have a hard time getting the rest we need.

It is well documented that anxiety is increasing among all age groups. As a result of this, programs have been developed and self-help books have been written to help us learn how to become more emotionally resilient. A common theme has emerged. If we can learn to effectively manage our stress, we tend to feel better and function better in all areas of our lives.

What causes anxiety?

There are many contributing factors as to what causes or heightens our anxiety. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to give an overview.

Genetic: Some of us struggle with anxiety because there is a family history of it.

Situational Anxiety: This can vary widely from person to person but typically means when the stressor is over, your anxiety reduces. An example of this would be giving a presentation at work or in class.

Trauma: Trauma impacts every aspect of our lives and it is normal to struggle with anxiety and high levels of stress, sometimes for long periods of time after the traumatic event has occurred.

Anxiety due to a medical condition: There are many medical conditions that cause us and our loved ones to feel stressed, anxious and worried.

No matter the reason you are feeling anxious or stressed, the very best resources to access involve regulating your nervous system first. The higher your stress and anxiety levels are, the more difficult it becomes to remember the things we have been taught to do to lower our stress.

Regulation before Reasoning

Because of the way our brain is structured, it has to pay attention to things that it senses. This is why we automatically smell popcorn when we walk into a movie theater. This is why we turn and look when we hear a loud noise. Many mindfulness and grounding techniques focus on paying attention to the here and now by focusing on our senses. What do you see, smell, hear, touch, taste? Tapping activates the sensing part of the brain. It is one of the easiest things you can do to help you regulate your nervous system.

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Bi-Tapp can help reduce stress and anxiety among students

School districts are working hard to meet the needs of their students. Efforts are being made to access resources such as, Bi-Tapp to help reduce the high levels of stress and anxiety that students of all ages are experiencing. It is difficult for a student to perform well academically if they are overwhelmed, anxious or going through a difficult time in their life.

The data collected by the Counseling Department at Canyon View High School, located in Cedar City, Utah has shown remarkable results.

Canyon View High School Counseling Department
Kim Blackner, KarriAnn Raddon, Chad Winters and Ashley Whiting

KarriAnn Raddon, School Counselor and Developer of the Tapping to Wellness Program stated, “Our teachers have been able to keep kids in class when they are anxious. We’ve seen test scores go up and we’ve seen some really great results in our offices when working with kids who are dealing with trauma or any kind of crisis situation. From November 2018 through May 2019, we had a 53% reduction in anxiety in presenting issues students claimed while using the tappers. In our Math 2 class, there was a 13% increase in scores of those students using the tappers while testing or doing assignments. I look forward to the continued success of the Tapping to Wellness Program at our school.”

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