Getting enough quality sleep each night is critical to our overall health. There are many suggestions and tips to help us improve our ability to get the sleep we need, but what if you have tried all of those strategies and you still can’t fall asleep or go back to sleep? Oftentimes there are contributing factors that make it hard to get the sleep we need.

  • What if you cannot stop or redirect your anxious, worried thoughts no matter what strategy you try?
  • What if you have recently experienced a trauma or one of your loved ones has?
  • What if you are experiencing chronic stress?
  • What if you are traveling and your anxiety is heightened because you are not able to sleep in your own bed?
  • What if you have chronic pain or are struggling with a medical condition that makes it very hard to get the sleep you need?
  • What if life circumstances disrupt your sleep, such as being a parent or a caregiver?

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School is back in session and all of us want each student to have a positive, successful academic school year. It is very difficult to absorb new learning if you struggle to focus and concentrate in class. It is also difficult to absorb new learning if you are highly stressed, anxious, or easily overwhelmed. Bilateral tapping is a resource you can use to improve academic performance because it accesses our natural ability to calm our nervous system down. Bi-Tapp has created tappers to do the bilateral tapping for you. As the brain begins to follow the alternating, rhythmic tapping that is taking place between the two tappers, the release of stress hormones begins to lessen, leaving you feeling calmer and more focused.

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Have you ever gone for a walk or a bike ride when you are stressed and within a relatively short amount of time, you begin to feel calmer and experience clearer thinking?  Engaging in bilateral stimulation is one of the main reasons you are feeling calmer. Bilateral stimulation can be done in a variety of ways, such as; jogging, swimming, drumming, bilateral tapping, listening to bilateral tones or bilateral music.

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Our Company was founded in 2017 and is based on the fundamental belief that less is often more. In a world that has become increasingly anxiety ridden and stressed, we are in need of simple, yet effective solutions. Bi-Tapp is a resource that works every time you use it.