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by Abigail on Bi-Tapp
Going to the Dentist

I am a 13 year old and I had a bad infection in my mouth. I had a dentist appointment to kill the infection and fix my tooth. I have had a root canal before but it was nothing like this. I was so stressed about the appointment. I tend to worry about things that could happen. I took the tappers with me and put them in my pockets. The tappers really helped me stay calm and peaceful during the appointment.

by Ashley on Bi-Tapp
Tests & Tryouts

My son has struggled with anxiety for quite some time and we have tried many different things to help him when he is feeling anxious or stressed. A few weeks ago he had a busy week and he was feeling some stress about a few tests he had and basketball tryouts. He used his set of Bi-Tapp and kept them in his socks throughout the day. He was able to stay calm during his tests and felt like he was able to focus on the test rather than being distracted by his anxiety. He did not use the tappers during his basketball tryout, but he felt like their use up to the tryout helped him have the ability to remain calm and focused. We love Bi-Tapp and are so grateful for the help they have been!

by KarriAnn on Bi-Tapp
Tapping To Wellness

I am a school counselor at a high school and this year my team and I started a program called Tapping to Wellness. We have been moving in the direction to become a Trauma Informed School and one of the ways we felt we could address stress, anxiety, trauma and even ADHD was to have a set of tappers in our classrooms. Currently we are working to write grants to get enough tappers in each of our classrooms so for right now we have 14 sets of tappers in our school. We started our project by training our teachers on how to use them and what to use the tappers for and to help them identify students that may be struggling. We began on November 2nd. In a 2 1/2 week period we are seeing a 50% reduction in our students anxiety levels. Our students are reporting that they feel calmer, they were more focused in class or on their tests and they felt less overwhelmed. We are excited to see where this project will lead us.

by Carolyn on Bi-Tapp
Lowered My Pain Meds

I've been using Bi-Tapps since they were made available. They have helped me calm down when I have anxiety and they help me fall asleep quickly almost every night and help me fall back asleep if I wake too soon. If I travel very far in the car, I experience pain and the Bi-Tapps are my rescue. What I am surprised about is how much they have helped me with my chronic pain. The tapping action helps me get to a place where pain does not dominate my mind and body. I have reduced my opioid drugs by 60% and should be totally off them within two more months.

by Camille on Bi-Tapp
A classroom aide

I have had my tappers for awhile and can't recommend them enough. I bring them to the school I teach at for use when needed. I have a few students who escalate and become angry very quickly. One day, I told one of them to hold the tappers and count to ten before we conferenced about his behavior. He was able to calm down quickly and we were able to communicate without a tantrum. It was amazing. I think every school should have tappers as an aide for calming students.

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