Bi-Tapp has been used as a resource in many different settings by professionals to help people of all ages, including themselves, feel calmer, reduce anxiety, reduce emotional dysregulation and improve focus.

EMDR Therapy

Tactile Bilateral Stimulation

Our Experience

For those times when it is necessary to use tactile bilateral stimulation (BLS), EMDR therapists who have utilized Bi-Tapp in their sessions are reporting these advantages to using this product:

  • The tappers connect wirelessly using Bluetooth.
  • The battery life per charge is over 48 hours, so you can use the tappers for several sessions in a row and for several days in a row before having to re-charge them.
  • You can customize each person's preference for rate of speed and strength of intensity using the Bi-Tapp App on your mobile device.
  • The tapping sensation produced by Bi-Tapp, closely replicates manual bilateral tapping.

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It has already been well established over the years that not everyone can do eye movement bilateral stimulation when engaging in EMDR therapy and alternatives had to be found. There are also simply times when the switch to bilateral tapping is needed to continue the reprocessing.  We have created a product that closely replicates manual tapping (bilateral tapping sensation) because we wanted people to experience the more natural sensation that comes with manual tapping.

In addition to its use in the therapeutic setting, Bi-Tapp can be used as a resource for people in their daily life. Mark Grant, MA has found that self-use of audio bilateral tones can be a safe and effective resource (Grant 2014a, 2014b). Just like in the therapeutic setting, when using bilateral stimulation as a resource, there needs to be options. There are times when it is impractical or inconvenient to do manual bilateral tapping. Bi-Tapp offers an option that you can use anytime you need it. If you read through the reviews and watch the testimonials, you will see the many different ways Bi-Tapp is being used and the benefits people are reporting as they use their tappers. Bi-Tapp is not a replacement for therapy but it is a resource that works. At this time in our history, where the negative impact of stress and anxiety is being experienced at unprecedented levels, we need resources that are simple and effective, Bi-Tapp is such a resource.

Grant M. (2014a)  Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing treatment of chronic pain. OA Musculoskeletal Medicine Aug. 17(2), 17.

Grant M (2014b) The use of an app to manage carpal tunnel syndrome. OA Behavioral Medicine. 2014. Mar. 20;2(1):3.

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Our company was founded in 2017. We created Bluetooth tappers to empower people of all ages to have access to a resource that can be used anytime and anywhere to reduce stress and anxiety. Sleep better. Function better. Focus better. Feel better.

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