What is Bi-Tapp

Tap your way to a better you

How would you like to experience a simple solution that can help you manage and reduce anxiety and stress in your life?

Reduce Anxiety  |  Reduce Stress  |  Improve Sleep  |  Improve Concentration

Bi-Tapp is a product that incorporates an understanding of how our brain works in moments of heightened stress and anxiety. With the tappers placed on each side of your body, the bilateral tapping sensation helps you begin to calm down and take thoughtful action rather than automatically reverting to your habituated stress patterns for relief.

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Two bi-tapp devices stacked on each other.
Power to take control

Help your brain help you

We live in a world where stress is part of our daily life. How do we maintain a calm state of mind in situations that are overwhelming, difficult and stretch us to our limit?

We are in need of an effective solution that anyone can implement anywhere, at anytime and experience immediate proven results.

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the bi-tapp app

Simply tap our app

Our exclusive app makes it easy to manage* your Bi-Tapp. Choose the intensity, speed and duration. Then set it and forget it. Through a Bluetooth connection you can manage your tappers. 


iOS Devices


Android OS Devices

*Bi-Tapp can also be used independent of your mobile device.

The Bi-Tapp Product

Relief is here

From the moment you open the Bi-Tapp package, you know that you are holding something special in your hands.

Charge your tappers

Step 1: Using the supplied charging cable and power adapter, charge your tappers before use.

Pair to your mobile device

Step 2: Enable bluetooth on your mobile device and open the Bi-Tapp app.

Using Bi-Tapp

Step 3: Choose the rate of speed, intensity and duration. Place on each side of your body.

The Benefits of Bi-Tapp

A Real Solution to Real Problems

There is hope, there is light, there are answers to overcome the challenges that life presents. The benefits of the Bi-Tapp system can help reduce anxiety and more.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Concentration
  • Better Sleep
  • Greater Emotional Resiliency

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Decreased Depression
  • Reduced Chronic Pain
  • Fewer Stress Patterns
  • Reduced Emotional Reactivity

Reduction of autoimmune symptoms
Reduction of emotional reactivity
Improved productivity

First responder
Reduction of PTSD symptoms

Reduction of social anxiety
Improved Performance

Reduction of anxiety due to medical condition
Improved sleep

Reduction of symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Improved emotional resiliency

Improved focus, improved academic performance
Improved sleep, reduction of stress and anxiety

Bi-Tapp is a patent pending product intended to be used to reduce anxiety and decrease stress levels. 
Bi-Tapp is not meant to be used in place of needed medical care or mental health treatment. 
Individual results may vary.

Toll Free: 1-833-424-8277

Local: 1-435-688-9047


Our Company was founded in 2017 and is based on the fundamental belief that less is often more. In a world that has become increasingly anxiety ridden and stressed, we are in need of simple, yet effective solutions. Bi-Tapp is a resource that works every time you use it.